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As long as your parents are OK with it, then why not?!

No, sadly. You could get a straight perm or a brazillian blowout but both are still damaging to the hair

Just because he didn't get you a gift doesn't mean it's over.

Wait until you've hit a milestone for your ONE year or two year anniversary! Celebrating every few months gets old and he probably doesn't even think about it hurting your feelings!

Don't worry, I'm sure all is well. Guys just don't view anniversaries like us girls

I don't think you should go drastic in one sitting. Work your way up to it just incase you don't like it! Remember bleaching your hair is very bad for it.

Regarding the color, since it is fall I think red would look best!!

Also remember that if you are looking for a job some places won't hire if your hair is a little different!

What type of red?
A bright red, then sure
Blonde would look good

Depends on your body frame and BMI but you should weigh between 130-160 lbs approximately

15? Nice eyebrows 😌

Around 13? Very pretty:)

Meditation really helps. Get comfortable, clear your mind, and just sit there. It seems overrated but its not

Captain America at first he was a homly nerd now he's a buff stud...:

Simple. If he's dating your friend but like you too he's a double doucebag. And dosn't deserve you or ur stay away from him and earn your friend but don't be pushy

Maybe she didn't know your nipple was there. Because a lot of people don't know that guys have it more below instead of it being in the middle -_-

Don't feel harassed, maybe she thinks some things turn you on. If you guys do mess around tell her what really turns you on.

Yummy! Most people think vegans only eat plants, but it's very easy to be healthy and also help the animals:)

The exercising is good and so is eating healthy and it's really good you have set goals...but exercising every day is actually bad so I'd stick to every other day or around three times a week