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Yes! But in my opinion it's a little bright for an everyday look, but do whatever you're comfortable with :)

Use concealer if you need it and then out on mascara, not a lot but just enough to make your eyelashes enhanced. :)

Yes, definitely tell her. It looks so unprofessional and not good for your spas image. Just be honest and delicate because some people don't take a negative comment about their appearance lightly. Do you have uniforms or T-shirts that you could have them wear? That might help. Good luck with your business! :)

Hi Sweetie,

I believe in my heart that you CANNOT go in life looking for love... Love finds you!

Let me get this right...
You are sad cuz you been single & all your friends have a boyfriend?

I don't think that is really a problem.
Don't be offended but I am more concern that you think you need to have a boyfriend in order to have something "going on"

The best way to get a boyfriend is not needing or looking for a boyfriend!

When I became a vegetarian, it was because I found out about what happens to the animals people eat. It disgusted and horrified me so much that I immediately dropped all meat products from my diet.

I eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies. Beans and nuts are great for protein, too. There are plenty of recipes online for great vegetarian foods :)

Every guy is different, but when they do hit puberty, you will definitely know it๐Ÿ˜„

OMG, why do you want to have bigger boobs?

No offense for girls with huge boobs, but I think girls with smaller boobs look better.

Well, that's just my taste.

I love it!!
I like when girls with light skin wear bright lipstick!!!

But that is just me.
The key is to feel comfortable with what you wear.


Lol. I got your cabin!!!
Ignore those guys. Boys can be rude sometimes.

And who cares what they think!!!!
You cannot go thru life trying to please everyone or explain your relationship status.

I got mine pierced and it hurts but just for a little while . It doesn't last days or anything but if you do get it pierced, be very clean and careful because mine got infected because I was too lazy to clean it regularly !

Lydia is right. Oxy is the bomb! Toothpaste can actually irritate the skin, so be careful with that.

it is different for every guy.
Just like when a girl should get her period...

There is no right answer for it. But there are some signs:
- hair in armpits & pubic area.
- voice changing.

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OXY acne spot treatment!! Super cheap & it works

Hi Nghi,

I think that starting with a BB cream (if you need it) will be a good step. Garnier makes some good ones.

Also, use a concealer if you think you need it, but be careful not to put a lot or use a color TOO light for your skin tone that you might end up looking like a raccoon.

Curl your lashes & add some waterproof mascara...

Ohh, do not forget a cute soft lip gloss to add some shiny to your lips :)