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Just friend him... He's not going to say anything upset for hey and stuff.
And just post ... Happy merry early Christmas don't say like I'm trying to be more actively social cause that's going to make him think you have no life and that you haven't used social media before

In my opinion natural hair is better and your hair looks like it's already highlighted

Keep calm and stay cool don't fish for a guy cause that's weird and a guys usually don't want a girl who drops all the hints and love at once. I would start off being friends with him and trying to get closer. After being closer I would start wanting to hanging out with him not 24/7 (give him some space too) and start giving hugs and stuff (for fun ;p ) and he will then start to feel a tingly sensation inside of him. And most of all DON'T DROP ALL OF IT AT ONCE AND IT TAKES TIME!!

Keep calm girl. Breath in and out. I've had that same situation and I friended my crush and he accepted he liked a picture of mine and I was excited at first but after a few more posts and weeks/months he haven't liked my posts and pictures so I thought he didn't like me but after a few weeks I just didn't care if he liked it or not. He probably was busy, he read it, or he doesn't get on social media most of the time. But when I do see my crush he talks to me and we hang out also so I wasn't that disappointed or sad about him not liking my picture cause he gets to see my in person rather than in photos that are probably filtered or photoshopped.

He probably just glanced at you because it's you OR there was someone (a girl) behind you. But like in gym class look at him to see who if he stares at you numerous times but don't let it be noticeable that you know he's staring at you but/and see if he stares at someone else (girl) for like more than 3-5 seconds that's how you know if he likes you but to drop hints I don't know how but if it was me I would be friends with him and get try to get closer. Like if we become like closer I would start giving him hugs and start teasing him, laughing with him, and stuff.

Hi Kamille. Sorry you injured yourself. An orthopedic is a doctor that specializes in the bones. You probably have a "splinter" which is a tiny crack in your ankle. Bone injuries take a long time to heal. Rest it as much as possible, use ice for any pain or swelling, and Tylenol for any pain. He probably wants to see if it heals on its own or if needs to be put in a cast. If it happened awhile ago, I don't think you will have to wear a cast. Try to eat plenty of protein and calcium to help it heal faster. Keep it elevated slightly if you're just sitting at home. My guess is its not that bad, and if was broken, you would definitely know it. Don't worry. Just rest it as much as possible. Good luck, sorry this happened :(


Sorry! Forgot to add on this pic!

Sometimes we can get acne in those areas from working out and not showering immediately afterwards. The material that is used to make work-out clothes doesn't breath and can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Make sure to shower and treat those areas like you would treat acne anywhere else on your body. Thorough cleansing, treating will keep this area clean. There's also a lot of rubbing in your thigh area that can make it worse. If you have a rash there, apply a little cortisone cream to see if that helps.

First talk with your current bf and see why y'all are pulling apart and talk with your parents too. Tell your parents/family what's up with the relationship and the boy you currently like. If you and ur bf are drifting away it's time to move on and go with your heart and maybe your family will like the guy you like better than the one you have now.

Same thing happen with me.. I went out with this guy and we knew each when we were young but I moved a few years later(that's now) we met again and we hung out after he moved here and we talked and stuff and my friend said he liked me and i didn't her so he personally asked me a few days later and so I said yes. I didn't have any feelings for him k just said yes so I wouldn't hurt his feelings but after a month I broke up with him and he was sad but after we hung out still but then he brought up our one month relationship and he asked me why I broke up with him and I said that I didn't have feelings for him and he said let me change that for and that I know there could be better guys out there for you but for now let me be there for you. And so again I am back with him and he was kind of right I started having feelings for him and he started to have stronger feelings for me. So my answers are just give it another try and see what it turns out


I hung out with him a couple days ago for about 40min because I told him I needed a hug and he kept pestering me what was wrong after I got home. I told him "Just school, family, friends problems, and stupid feelings" and he wouldn't leave me alone about the feelings part. And after that he told me he still likes me a lot. I'm just so confused right now and if need guidance.

Everyone feels insecure about some part of our bodies. We feel self-conscious about something that no one else even notices. Believe me, guys don't notice a lot of things and they are not as picky as we think. Just make sure YOU are ready for sex, that's the most important thing. Be confident. No one is perfect, not even those models in magazines. They are all airbrushed so all their imperfections are covered up! So, make sure you are ready for sex. It's a big step. And make sure it's with a guy who truly cares for you and not using you just for sex.

Not sure what you are asking but if you mean a light eyeliner technique, start with a pencil and smudge or blend the line so it doesn't look so obvious. Hope that's what you were looking for. :)

Have you tried any of the BB creams? They are much lighter and better for your skin without losing the coverage you want from a foundation. Try L'Oreal or Garnier. Maybelline makes a nice one as well. There are so many to use. Get one that is designed for your skin type and preferably one with an SPF in it. :)

A rosy pink, mauve, a darker peach, or a natural nude with just a hint of color would look great!