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Well he may just want sex and that's all he wants, if you're still in middle school or high school, you should really think about your relationship. Have you guys been together a while? You don't want to regret giving away your virginity, give it to someone who deserves that and appreciates it and doesn't beg you for sex.

Talk talk talk take a pain killer before hand be comfortable use protection take it slow remember that it might hurt n if it does just go slow breathe in and breathe out ... On top didnt work for me at all ... Missionary worked for me ... Make sure u tell him to stop if it hurts... But make sure he doesn't just pull it out right in middle ... Leave it in n just go slow of it hurts have him stop n sit there breathe breathe breathe it'll be okay just breathe n talk to each other ... Pick a stress free place

Mmm both cut n oil it

Clean and clear persa gel. It's acne cream it is AMAZING

Try to get the idea that you want to hang out in his head. Maybe mention a movie that is playing in theaters or a good restaurant you've been wanting to go to

Embrace the friend zone. Make the most of it but try too look for a different person to date

Make sure you are ready. You need to realize that you only get one first time. Be sure you really want to share that experience with this guy. And for your first time it's easier to be on top. Also use a condom!

If it's only been a few day you wouldn't show symptoms of pregnancy. Watch your period schedule and if you miss your period you may be pregnant. Try not to stress about it or you body can actually act as if you're pregnant but it's really just all in your head

Go with the new guy! Try something new and if you don't like it go back with the other one or just stay single!

Go with the new guy if you like him!

The cum would have to of gone in the vigina and if he was cumming on you then it is possible that some got in your vigina

Ask him there is nothing wrong with being straightforward as for being scared or rejection make sure your friends are near you but not right in the conversation

Yeah. It's possible. I'm in a relationship with this guy. And we were complete opposites. But we fell in love with each other and we've been together for a year and 2 months.

If you're that nervous then you probably aren't ready to lose it. Sex is a big step and you should do it with someone you love and who is committed to you. You don't need to lose it just to lose it. Maybe you should rethink your decision.

You can ask him out yourself.