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Actually there is. Go on YouTube and search "ways to. Curl. Your hair without heat" I use the goddess wrap. Method, works for me.. Plus you can wear it all. Day and it's really cute.

talk to her about it, maybe arrange a day for just the two of you to hang out. 😊

Not that I know of but there is always mousse/gel , they work pretty well

Do not be afraid to say no because if you do not say anything they might become creepy but always do it nicely

Go to a salon and have them professionally shaped and waxed. Then just follow that line and pluck out the hairs instead of shaving them. It will be easier to maintain that way.

Yes it can happen. Me and my boyfriend met and I could not be any happier with than the first day I met him.

I just wash my face with whatever new face wash my mom got me & add sunscreen every day. I swear she know if I am not wearing sunscreen!!!

Nicole, I love your answer!!
She is sooo right.
It all depends on how long you guys been dating & how long you known each other.

And considering your age, I would say the longer you wait, the better the relationship will get!!!


Move on girl!! Forget & forgive... And let the rest into the hands of Karma. 😜

Just apply a BB cream, a bit of concealor if needed and some mascara and a pretty lip gloss. If you want more, add a neutral brown eyeshadow just in your crease so your eyes look more awake. Also a touch of blush if you need some color.

Gold or cooper would be pretty. What color are your eyes?

Blonde or lighter brown

Fill then out with a brow pencil, just don't go to crazy,

That depends on how long you have been dating and how long you've known each other it's best not to rush into things

Tell him to do it somewhere else. It's his body and he has a right to do what he wants with it, just explain to him it's disrespectful to do it in your parents home. My brothers both do it and mom knows it, they are both grown, but they have the decency not to do it in our home. No need to worry your parents about it when he's going to do it regardless.