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I'm pretty sure you're stuck at the height you are love, maybe don't wear high heels?

I can't tell you exactly how you know. But you can't stop thinking about him. And not just when you have nothing going on. You think about him in the middle of the day when you're busy and should be thinking about something else. You want to make him happy. He makes you happy without even having to try. You want to talk to him all the time. He makes your heart flutter but you're not nervous. Just excited.

I'm not sure about movies, but I heard the you can stream 90s nick cartoons for free on

You can make it look smaller 👌☺️. there are lots of ads though, so just X out of them.

Surgery is the only option for this.. But y do u wanna change., its god gftd! Be hppy in wateva u hav bcoz its da thing yu deserv:)

I don't agree that you have to wait for marriage. You can and its great if you do, but I also don't believe in having sex so young. You should wait, either for marriage or for the person you love.

There was no reason for him to get angry. If you don't want to be called ma'am that is your choice. I don't like being called little missy when he is jokingly scolding me and he has stopped. If he accidentally lets it slip he apologizes and that's that. You should never have to apologize for stating what you do and don't like.

Sometimes it is a lack of sleep but it can also be genetic.

Personally I don't believe in doing anything of the sort. I would never have one, but that would be a threesome. If all parties involved are okay with it - and are actually okay with it and not just saying it - then I suppose it's not technically wrong. However, I believe in having one partner.

Apply almond powdr mixd with coconut oil

Try rguvinating techniques. Ex-livon hair gain tonic

U'll get ur guy soon:)

Brush ur teeth regularly with a whitening tooth paste.

When u shave angle the razor with the way ur hair grows