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I use St. Lives apricot scrub 2-3 times a week because I have terribly sensitive skin n it dries out fast ... So only 2 n 3 at the most a week !

Rub lemon on them use lotions rub raw potatoes

Every woman has a unique odor down there. If it's really strong, it could be an infection or yeast. If it itches or burns you should have it checked out. It is normal to have a discharge though. You can try Vagisil wipes to keep it clean and less odor down there.

Make sure to use a good acne cleansing system. A facial wash, toner, a treatment mask and or scrub. Keep you face as clean as possible. Never sleep in your make up. Keep your bed sheets clean as well. Try not to pick or touch your face. I like to carry a hand sanitizer in my purse to keep my hands clean. Also, clean your cell phone!! There are so many germs on our phones and we press that up against our faces, ugg!! Drink plenty of water or green tea to detox your body. Taking a probiotic helps keep your gut clean as well as your skin!

No sweetie. If he asks for them all the time then that's lust or desire. He is only after that one thing. Please don't send him any pictures.

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Eat healthy workout drink lots of water use st.lives apricot scrub it's so good ! Only 2-3 times a week tho

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It's totally normal, when I first started a lot of the time I would skip three or four months. Eventuslly your cycle will regulate. :)

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Could have yeast infection it all depend on what it smells like and the discharge looks like I'd say go to your gynecologist and he or she can prescribe something to get rid of it I had the same problem lol

Do cardio ... Burpees jumping lunges jumping squats jumping jacks something cardio wise eat healthy healthy and drink plant of water ... Green tea is good for weight loss Also

Drink lots of water and eat healthy to help with the smell ... It's mostly discharge if its not clean and it's cloudy or diff colour u need to see doctor u could have an infection ... Drink cranberry juice to help prevent infection and to help infection

I would think that's just discharge, nothing you should be worried about.