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5'5* and way* I made a mistake

Raisins aren't terrible but they do have a lot of natural sugars and are high in calories although nutritious. Anything in moderation.

Sometimes my stomach will get like that if I eat too many raw fruits and veggies. Also breads and pastas can cause bloating as well. Try cutting out those foods for a few days and start doing Pilates. I get bloated like that too right before and during my period, sucks!

I would not try to make your own. You can buy wax strips made by Sally Hanson at the drugstore. You can rip your skin right off if you use the wrong product and technique. You can even leave scars, so I would not try it at home.

It seems like she's crying out for help. Maybe you can give her the number to some counseling centers or even the suicide hotline. They are better trained to handle the situation. If you don't know her, it would be hard to help her other than that.

Yes! It will help them grow healthy and strong. Just avoid getting it in your eyes. I would recommend using those disposable mascara wands to apply to just your lashes.

Everyone is capable of different levels of love. It's not unusual to love more than one guy, but usually someone ends up getting hurt.

Unfortunately, that's left up to Mother Nature. Nothing you can really do to make it change.

I would try talking to her become a friend and someone she can speak to without judgement

Wear a pad and tampon. Make sure you don't drink too much or else you will leak so try and not drink much

Wear a tampon, and a pad, so that there is no chance of a leak (: also go to the bathroom frequently to check, but not too often, you don't want people staring or asking question lol. Oh yeah and bring spare tampons and pads just in case you're really heavy on a certain day or just usually. Don't leave the tampon in over 8 hours because it can cause serious health issues. I really hope this helps. God bless you!πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„β€οΈπŸ™

Workout! Try doing cardio exercises and toning exercises. You can look up some basic ones. Or you could try blogilates and/ or XHit on youtube! They both are amazing (: cardio exercises are designed to get your heart pumping, and is a really good way to drop the weight. But you can't just do cardio. You must also include some toning exercises so that the muscles will be forming and so that you will continue to gain muscle (: Also consider eating healthier and having good portioned sized meals. You should consider having 3 good sized meals a day and snacks as well. But healthy, small ones, just to keep your metabolism up and you feeling good! I really hope this helps. God bless you!!β€οΈπŸ™πŸ˜Š

It's not likely, but guys do have some sperm in the wetness that comes out before the sperm. Always, always, no matter what, use protection. Unless you are trying to get pregnant but I don't think you want to at your tender age.

You can use Mederma or even Vit E oil, or coconut oil. They will fade over time. If you're cutting yourself, you should seek help and or counseling. It's not good and can easily get out of control. Good luck. Please get helpπŸ˜‡

You have to talk to him and see if the relationship is worth saving. If he's a cheater, you will keep getting hurt. You deserve better. Be strong and be smart.