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I think if you were to crimp it, it would look so adorable! Even straightening it would look cute, especially if you were to toss it up into a cute pony. :)


Try some of these

Try " sun in " just look it up

Go by fake nails at the dollar store put them on for a week or two depending how bad u but ur nails it worked on me that's why I done and I quit an wearing fake nails makes ur real nails longer!!!

I like the orange top.

Keep practicing... It will take a while but you can only get better. Also, try warming up the tip of the eyeliner so it can run smoothly over your eye lids

This is funny but my friend has been putting lemon juice on her hair & has been working. I'm not sure if I would do it but her hair is a little lighter, from super black to medium brown.

I scrunch my hair all of the time as well, you could scrunch it and then put it into a braid or a cute pony. It adds a little extra OOMF. :)

Try Neosporin to avoid infection.

Try to use a straightener or hair dryer LESS. You don't want to burn your hair and slow down the growth

Thanks for the man candy pic!!

I agree. Do not worry about how much you weight. The secret about beauty is: falling in love with yourself

I first curl them, put mascara, two coats (depending on mascara), let them dry a little, not fully, then get a tweezer and separate the eyelashes, taking off any clumps, and bam!

Tooth paste might work. Leave the tooth paste on for 5 to 10 minute


aloe Vera! It's a natural plant that's very affective.
I put it on before I go to bed and wash it off in the morning when I wake up.
It may be very gooey at first but it gets dry later on because your skin is absorbing it.