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There's this cream that maybelline sells. It's where they sell there baby lips lip balms. I think it's called baby skin pore eraser

Sometimes using chemical washes can make your skin even more irritated. Or breakout even more. What I started doing was that before washing my face I washed my hands. Then I started washing my face with just water. After I washed it I took toilet tissue paper and I just started blotting at the water to dry my face. I also tried to not touch my face frequently. Try this for a week and see if there's any changes for you (:

Most girls would kill for legs that thin. If I were you I'd be showing them off, be proud of your legs. If you really want them thicker you could do leg muscle building exercises like squats, lunges, and leg lifts

the only thing i can say is if they weren't smart enough to fall for someone who cares a lot about them, they were the only one who lost something. and also it just takes time to get over someone. the right person will love you for you.

let him down easy just explain to him you really don't see you guys being together but you would really like to stay friends with him hope this helps good luck

I think you should keep your style skater/ girly is a cute look and you shouldn't feel stupid don't care what others think your the one wearing it their not

I have had a friend like this what I suggest is to hang out with friends do something to get your mind off of it and there are plenty of guys out there the right one will come around trust me

Dump him and her. A good friend doesn't do that and a potential boyfriend should have told her he was seeing you.
They're horrible.

If I were you I would just pluck them, your hair is light

Even if i'm wearing loose it is still noticeable especially when wearing fit jeans or shorts. My companions always notice that guys stares at it. That makes me uncomfortable.

Hannah is right. You can't. Some girls go on birth control pills to make their periods lighter or even gone. But there's risk and morals involved in that.

You can't you just gotta deal with it

That's called a cuticle and you can buy a cuticle removing gel

Clean and clear persa gel benzoyl peroxide for clear face

Eat less bread. If I want a sandwich or hamburger I use romaine lettuce instead of a bun or bread. I also replace meats with avocado when I can. Avocado has "the good kind of fat" which makes you have better cholesterol levels, which makes you healthier. Don't worry too much about belly fat as a teenager because as a female goes through puberty they gain belly fat to be able to bear a child. This happens to every one and will eventually go away if you eat healthy, and stay active:)