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They say 3 times a week is all that is needed to maintain a healthy weight and shape. Some people exercise everyday, but it's not really necessary. If you are just starting out, I would start with 3 times a week. If you want to work out more, build up to it slowly, and add more days if you want. But you should take at least one day off a week to give your body and muscles a rest. If you are just starting, expect to be a little sore at first, but that will go away after you've been doing it for awhile. It all depends on what you are doing as well as far as the soreness goes!

Honey he does like you he's just scared to say anything just try to say something talk to him on Facebook and try to talk him that way

don't listen to them honey

Acne is something that will take time to get rid of. First, start on a good home regimen, like Neutragena. They make great products and stick to one line of products so they work together. Also, I've been reading a lot about how acne actually starts in our intestines. I would also recommend starting a probiotic and take it everyday. Try to eat healthy, greens, veggies, and drink lots of water, or even better is green tea. It helps get rid of toxins from your body. Try to keep your face as clean as possible. Always wash your face before bed and keep your bedding clean as well. Good luck! :)

Try organic, cold pressed coconut oil. It's so good for your skin, hair and nails!!! You can use it everywhere. It's great and the smell is incredible. :)

You could wear many different colors. Neutrals are great, but don't be afraid to experiment with blues, greens and gold. Play around with different colors and see what looks best on you, just don't over-do it, especially for daytime looks.

Why would anyone say that?? You look great! Don't listen to them. They are probably just jealous and that is an unattractive trait to have! Don't let others intimidate you, there's no reason for it. :)

They really do work, but you have to be consistent with them, at least 3 times a week. You should also do other exercises to work all the muscles in your back side. Do doggie kicks, front and back, then side to side. Also, lay on your back and lift your leg up, and make a big circle 10 times on each leg. Then you can also do the same thing on your back, but this time, pretend you are using your toes to make tiny circles on the ceiling. Do this and you will get great result, just do them consistently.

You can't really get anyone to
Like you. You just have to be yourself and hope for the best.

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Tj maxx is an awesome store with name brands for low prices!

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Why would she be mad at you? We all have hard times in life but the best thing to do is go up to someone you might think would be a good friend and just say uh an be yourself.. To be honest the people who don't talk much in glass are usually the best friends ever

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