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Yes, some guys just aren't good at it!

You shouldn't starve yourself it isn't healthy and doesn't work out well. I would know. If you are feeling bad about your weight try working out more often or eating healthier. When I eat healthy foods I always feel better.

It all depends if there gonna call home and say if u weren't there. Other than that if you have been in a box for a long time why not get out.

Why did you break up with him, but you could get over it by maybe listening to music. Going out with friends or even venting with friends 💖

Drink something hot like coffee or tea

Yes it is totally normal

Um well I think that's something personal that maybe you'd not wanna share with her. Keep that to your self. Or tell a Bestfriend or even ask a doctor. Right now in your age your hormones will be raging

U shud go wid some highlighting nd ur hair colour is gud i guess!
So smthng innovative wid kinda highlighting would work!

Please go see a doctor. This app is not for medical advice, unfortunately

Talk to your mom and if it gets worse talk to your mom about leaving. That's not a good relationship or house to be in.

Be a friend with ur mom not best friend . It depend on her reaction ... Ask you are self what will she feel ? I think u should not but still !.!.!.

Around 110 and 120 depends on the person

Read The Directions On The Back Of The Package. Go To Theri Website Or Even Look It Up Online

I think u mean 6'0 ft?? Nd ur wgt should b around 65kg I guess but dear it depends on ur health too !

Just google 'reviews for...'